Manufacturing Range

A family concern of traditional machine builders, HONEST offers a complete manufacturing program in their fully equipped workshop with all machine tools and facilities under one roof backed by experienced designers & technocrats, where quality paper machines are being built up. With our proven experience of 30 years in paper industry, we are expertised in designing & manufacturing of paper machine speed upto 800 mpm :-

  • Writing/Printing and newsprint Paper Plants up to 300 TPD.
  • Kraft Paper Plants for lighter & heavy GSM up to 400 TPD.
  • Duplex Board Plant up to 400 TPD.
  • Yankey machine up to 100TPD.

In our existing manufacturing range we offer complete stock preparation section & Paper Machines covering equipments as under

  • Stock Preparation Equipments
  • Vertical / Horizontal Pulpers.
  • Screening equipments
  • Thickeners & Washers.
  • High & Low Density Cleaners.
  • Agitators.

Paper Machine Section

  • Open / Closed PressurisedHead Boxes/Hydrualic head boxes
  • Wire Machines (Multi-Fourdrinier) wtih top formers
  • Suction couch and press rolls.
  • K-Press Bi-Nip / Tri-Nip Presses.
  • Wide Nip loading Presses.
  • CI /M.S. Drying Cylinders 1500 / 1800 / 2200 mm Dia.
  • Drying Cylinder Framings – Uni-run / Two tier / Three tier
  • Calendar soft and hard nip- plain and crown controlled
  • Pope Reelers with automatic spool loading megazine
  • Slitter Rewinders.