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Partial list of supplies of complete paper machines

Client Plant Cap. Product Location
Malu Papers Ltd 75 TPD 3200mm NP and W/P Nagpur,MS
Sumit Agro Products Ltd 75 TPD 3200mm NP and W/P Meerut,UP
Ankleshwar Paper & Board Mill 30 TPD Major rebuild 15 to 30 TPD Ankleshar, Gujarat.
J.B Agro Industries P Ltd 50 TPD 2600 mm W/P plant Kesinga, Orrisa
Kwality Papers Ltd. 25 TPD Head Box,MG Cylinder,Pope Reeler Vapi,Gujarat
Malu Papers Ltd. 35 TPD Wire machine, Press Section and MG Section Nagpur/MS
Speciality Papers Ltd(PM-2) 20 TPD 2600MM Yankey machine Design speed 450 MPM Village Morai, Vapi.Gujarat
Shri Andal paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., 45 TPD Rebuild - Kraft Paper Machine Sathyamangalam, Tamilnadu.
Chandpur Paper Ltd 30 TPD 2200 mm Rewinder M/c Bijnor,UP
Saraswati Udyog India Ltd 140 TPD 3 Tier dryer Section Namakkal,TN
Reliance Paper Mills P. Ltd 40 TPD Kraft machine Chennai,TN
Akanksha Paper Mills P Ltd 80 TPD 2800 mm twin wire Machine Ankleshwar ,Gujarat
Shri Andal Paper Mills P Ltd (PM-1) 50 TPD Machine Expansions from 20 to 55 TPD Sathyamangalam ,TN
Ambernath paper mills p ltd. 45 Tpd 2600 mm kraft paper Ambernath, Mumbai
Sri Srivathsa paper mill p ltd 70 Tpd Designed speed 450 mpm writing& printing Pallani ,TN
Hardoli paper mills p Ltd 60 Tpd 2800 mm Kraft machine rebuild. Nagpur, MS
Sri Ajit pulp and papers ltd 175 Tpd 2750 mm Triple wire- wire machine section/Pope reeler 300mpm Vapi,Gujarat.
Godavari pulp and papers p ltd 75 tpd 2500 mm twin wire section Nasik,MS
Kovai Maruthi Papers P Ltd (PM-2) 70 TPD 2150 twin wire section Paramathi Velur TN
B N papers p ltd 60 Tpd 2250 mm New kraft machine Kim, Gujarat
Sri Andal Paper mills unit-2 (P) Ltd 100 tpd 3200 mm twin wire machine Sathyamangalam,Tamil Nadu
Genus Paper Products Ltd 120 tpd 2500mm triple wire machine – Design speed 350 MPM Moradabad-UP
Lucky Star Paper Mills 25 Tpd 2300 mm kraft paper Miraj-sangli, Maharastra
Jebba Papers Mills Ltd 200 Tpd 4500 mm twin wire machine –wet end rebuild and upgradation Jebba-Nigeria
Sunshine Paptech Pvt. Ltd. 200 Tpd 3200 mm triple wire machine – Design speed 350 MPM

Partial list of supplies for paper machine accessories and part sections

Client Plant Cap. Supplied Location
Kovai Maruthi Papers & Boards P. Ltd. 25 TPD Pick Up System Namakkal,Tamilnadu.
Goodwill Team Papers Ltd 30 TPD Press Rolls Usilampatty, Dist-Madurai (T.N)
Ennes Paper Boards 12 TPD Head Box Harihar, Karnataka
Stadfast Paper Mills P. Ltd. 20 TPD Head Box and Press rolls Vapi,Gujarat
Meenakshi Paper Mills P. Ltd 60 TPD Head Box Wire Machine rebuild Hyderabad,A P
Rainbow Papers Ltd. 80 TPD MG Machine Rebuild Ahemdabad,Gujarat
Kaygaon Paper Mills Ltd 60 TPD Wire machine rebuild MS dryer Aurangabad,Maharashtra
Sree Godavari Kraft Papers P Ltd. 30 TPD 12 ´MG cylinder Rajhamundary,A P
Ramchandra Straw Products Ltd 100 TPD Head Box(Kraft) Moradabad,U P
R A Sheikh Paper Mills P Ltd 100 TPD Head Box(Kraft) Vapi,Gujarat
Kalptaru Papers Ltd 30 TPD Head Box(Kraft) Ahemdabad,Gujarat
Nice Papers Ltd. 30 TPD MS Dryers 1500mm Nagpur,Maharastra
Srivari Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd 30 TPD Dewatering elements Nellore (A.P.)
Speciality Papers Ltd (PM-1) 20 TPD 2450 MM Press rebuild At. Morai, Vapi
Kwality Pulp and Papers Ltd. 50 TPD 1800 Dia, MS Dryer Section and Pope Reeler Vapi,Gujarat.
Kovai Maruthi Papers P Ltd (PM-2) 40 TPD Head box rebuild Paramathi Velur, TN
Kovai Maruthi Papers P Ltd (PM-1) 25 TPD Dewatering Element Paramathi Velur ,TN
Shri Andal paper Mills P Ltd (PM-2) 65 TPD Dewatering Element/MS Dryers 1500mm Sathyamangalam,TN
Kaygaon Paper Mills Ltd (PM-2) 70 TPD Press rolls 800mm Aurangabad,MS
Shri Andal paper Mills P Ltd (PM-1) 25 TPD Dewatering elements Sathyamangalam ,TN
Chandpur Paper Ltd 30 TPD 2200 mm Rewinder M/c Bijnor,UP
Sohil Paper and Packaging P LTD 40 TPD 12 ´ MG / 6 ´ dryer Valod,Gujarat
Reliance Paper Mills P. Ltd 40 TPD Kraft machine Chennai,T N
Kovai Maruthi Papers P Ltd 40 TPD Press Rolls 800mm Paramathi Velur, TN
Shri Andal Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd (PM-2) 65 TPD 12 Cu. Mt ATS Pulper. Sathyamangalam, TN
Kaygaon Paper Mills Ltd 75 TPD 2950 mm MG Framings and Accessories Aurangabad, MS
Anantkrupa Paper Mills Pvt Ltd. 30 TPD Press and Post Dryer Sections Malkapur,MS
Saiyed Paper Mills Ltd 100 TPD 2700 mm Open Head box Vapi,Gujarat
Umesh Paper and Board Mills Pvt. Ltd. 30 TPD Heavy Press Rolls Aurangabad. M.S.
Vishwa Paper Mills P. Ltd 60 Tpd 2800 mm MS Dryers Cylinders Aurangabad. M.S.
Samruddhi Paper & Pulp Conversion Pvt. Ltd. 40 Tpd 2500 mm 2 Nos. New Heavy Duty Press Section Nasik,MS.
Kaygaon paper mills ltd 100 TPD 1800mm dia. dryer section 300mpm Aurangabad,MS.
Shree Gajanan Papers P Ltd 100 tpd 2800 mm New head box Vapi,Gujarat
Tec papers P LTD 25 TPD Dewatering element/ MG doctor Ahemdabad,Gujarat

Partial list of Overseas Clients – Export

Client Plant Cap. Product Location
RPG - KEC International Ltd 8 M/c Spinning Machines Ethiopia
RPG - KEC International Ltd 2 M/c Repeat Order for Spinning Machines Ethiopia
S.A. Pulp & Paper Projects Ltd 8M3 ATS Pulper Dhaka,Bangladesh
Reliance Paper Mills Pvt.Ltd 2450 mm,2850 mm 2 Head Boxes Kathmandu,Nepal

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